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Let’s take the guess work out of delighting our clients

All the business and marketing books tell you to get to know your clients. This book tells you how.

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I love your book. It is very straightforward with some great examples to illustrate your points and loads of practical ideas and help.  So many people could benefit.
Carol Clark: The Doggy Doctor

Business Owner,

Most client conversations don’t work
Most client conversations fail as they either don’t happen, or the business owner is trying to ‘sell’ to the client — not listen and learn.
This leaves everyone unhappy. The client isn’t getting their problem solved in a way that works for them. The business owner doesn’t know where to focus their efforts, so lives with stress, and lacking enough good clients.
Holding a great conversation with your clients, or potential clients, is easier than you think. It’s not about selling yourself or being an extrovert. Instead, it’s about listening and empathy. It’s following a few simple steps to get the client to open up on what matters to them.
This Book:
  • Demystifies the process of talking to clients and potential clients – it’s easier than you think
  • Describes why clients take action, and why they don’t
  • Breaks down how we can use these insights to ask great questions where the client shares what matters to them
  • Saves you time by allowing you to focus your effort on what matters to the client
  • Makes you more valuable to the client by giving them the results they care about

I want you to go straight to great client relationships. You don’t need to change your personality and this stuff isn’t complicated. Being a client whisperer is easy to learn and easy to put into practice.

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What You’ll Learn:

Selfless Listening

Supporting people to open up, feel heard, and share what matters to them

Great question to ask

Find out how the problem is affecting the client and where they want to get to

What are they worried about?

Every client has concerns and objections. Let’s find out what they are up front and adapt accordingly

Get a cheat sheet to their perfect solution

By asking about their experiences with other products and services like yours

Find out if they care

A potential client might say something is a big problem, but do they care enough to take action? Don’t waste time on tyre kickers, focus on the people who’ll buy.
Who Should Read It?

This book is for the business owners and product developers who want to know what will delight their clients, what they’ll hate, and what they don’t care about.

It’s for the people who don’t have the time and resources to build the wrong thing or go down the wrong path.

It’s for those businesses looking to deliver high-quality results for their clients — to meet the client where they are and get them to where they want to be.

And ultimately, it’s for businesses that care about their customers and want those customers to have an awesome experience.

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Read the first three chapters


Written for humans

Short, with engaging examples, and step-by-step guides


Only the good stuff

I’m going to share the essential things you need to know, and leave out the stuff you don’t


I’ll give you templates for everything: emails, interview scripts, questions. Just change the details to be right for you

Don’t waste years of your life

You can take pretty much any approach to building your business and it will eventually work.

Over years you’ll find out what works and what doesn’t. You’ll truly get to know your audience and what works for them.

Assuming you don’t give up first because you ran out of money. Or give up because your family couldn’t take it anymore. Or give up as you ran out of energy as it was too overwhelming for too long without sufficient reward.

Wouldn’t it be nice to skip that all that anguish? To take the short cut to knowing what will work.

This book could save years of your life

I’m John Holcroft
My first start-up failed. I invested four years of my life, and all of our money, in a start-up that ultimately didn’t work out. And what’s worse is at the end I realised I could have known it wasn’t going to work, and what would have, before I started. If only I’d talked to my potential clients beforehand and asked them the right questions.
Your clients want you to talk to them. They want you to understand the problem they have and the better place they’re trying to get to. They’ll tell you what won’t work for them. And they’ll be delighted that you made the effort to listen.
I’ve made medical apps that have won awards for advancing patient safety. I’ve worked in the user research labs of giant retailers. I’ve won investment and gone through a prestigious start-up accelerator.

I’ve learnt that the secret to success is getting to know your audience at a deep level—and you do this through talking to them.

I wasn’t born a natural conversationalist. If you meet me in person I hope you’ll find me friendly and engaging, but these are learnt skills, like the skills in this book. In too many cases I had to pass through failure to learn these skills — I want you to skip the pain and go straight to great client relationships. It isn’t hard. Let me show you how.

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Available at Amazon