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The book that gets you inside the head of your customer

Follow along as I write my book. Learn the shortcut to making a product your audience cares about.

I struggled with my first start-up

Making something new is hard, especially when it is just you. I had 1000 things calling for my time and attention, and only one of me. I felt overwhelmed. It was a real struggle to know the best thing to work on, and what was going to make an impact with my audience.

What was worse I couldn’t explain it. I knew I was solving a real problem and my solution would make a massive impact to the world. Yet I couldn’t explain it in less than 20 minutes, let alone one sentence.

Now I make great products that always hit the mark

And I’m relaxed while I do it. I take my kids to school, walk the dog, cook dinner, be a scout leader, and still make products that work. 

I’ve made medical apps that have won awards for advancing patient safety. I’ve worked in the user research labs of giant retailers. I’ve won investment and gone through a prestigious start-up accelerator.

I’ve learnt that the secret to success is getting to know your audience at a deep level. That is a skill. One I can show you how to do.

What’s in the book?

This book is about user research, how to do it and build a product using it.

The core to a successful product is getting to know your audience and what works for them. Not only does that help make a better product that people care about, it also reduces the strain on you. When you know what is going to work, you just build it, and nothing more. When you know how your audience thinks you can explain it to them in a simple and compelling way.

It isn’t one step. You start with very little information, and work your way up to being an expert on your customer, how they think, and what they need. Never aiming for perfection, just doing what you can each step of the way.

I’ll show you how getting people to agree to customer interviews is easy. Even when they are in senior positions in an organisation. I’ll show you how to do an amazing interview, and how to avoid the disaster of an interview most people do.

I’ll take you step by step to describing your target customer in a way that helps you make your product and get your message right.

I’ll show you how to make a landing page like this one, and why that is so important in the early stage of developing your idea.

Oh yeah, I’m still writing the book.

You could wait months for me to finish writing it, or you could start now, and get most of it for free.

Read the book as I write it and start to discover clarity for yourself.

Each chapter will reduce the overwhelm and get you closer to success. Sign up to get each chapter as it is written.

Don’t waste years of your life

You can take pretty much any approach to building your idea and it will eventually work.

Over years you’ll find out what works and what doesn’t. You’ll truly get to know your audience and what works for them.

Assuming you don’t give up first because you ran out of money. Or give up because your family couldn’t take it anymore. Or give up as you ran out of energy as it was too overwhelming for too long without sufficient reward.

Wouldn’t it be nice to skip that all that anguish? To take the short cut to knowing what will work.

This book could save years of your life

Watch It In Action

The process I describe in the book is what I’m following to write the book. I won’t just be sharing chapters from the book, I’ll be showing the process in action. And seeing something for real is where we really learn about it and how to apply it.


  • See how I invite people for a customer interview: how simple it is, how it builds rapport, how I make it easy for them to say no, but that they will probably say yes.
  • See how I perform a user interview that makes it fun for everyone, is hugely informative, and probably turns the interviewee into a raving fan
  • Look behind the scenes on how I made this landing page. I’ll show the step by step process from product idea to a message focussed on the user, and how it fits into making a successful product
  • Watch me iterate, as I share updates on my journey. See me work my way to clarity. Will I produce a kick-ass product that I can describe brilliantly and easily?

What I promise


Written for humans

It will be short, with engaging examples, and step-by-step guides


Only the good stuff

I’m going to share the essential things you need to know, and leave out the crap you don’t


I’ll give you templates for everything: emails, interview scripts, landing pages. Just change the details to be right for you

This is the end of the page. Time to make a decision

Yes, I want the short cut to knowing what will work