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Bring your idea to life

You’ve seen the opportunity. You can see where technology can help in solving a human problem. So you want to make an app.

Yet… maybe you’re asking, “Where do I start?” Or you don’t know much about the process other than that it involves programmers at some point. Or you wonder how you can make something that matches your vision and makes a real difference when you don’t have the resources of a mega corporation.

A lot of people have ideas, but they don’t want to execute because they’re not sure whether or not that thing that they are going to be working on is actually worth that time and effort. And those what ifs, which are initially “What if this works”, “What if this is the one”, those end up turning into “What if I fail”, “What if I let my family down” and “What if it was all for nothing.” And they don’t do anything – they are much more comfortable being complacent with where they are than potentially failing.


Pat Flynn

Doing the work to understand the people who matter to your app and pre-testing your app before you build it eliminates the possibility of failure. If the idea doesn’t grab people then fine, you’ve found out as soon as possible before any major investment of time or money. Yet the more likely outcome is that you learn what will work and respond accordingly. Either way you succeed.

Let me help you bring your idea out of your head, to make it real and make it special.

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