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If you want to go fast,

go alone,

If you want to go far,

go together.

African Proverb

Every Sunday morning, while my family is still asleep, I get up and go running with a group of friends. When the alarm goes off at ‘oh my god’ o’clock I want to stay in bed, I tell myself ‘I don’t fancy it right now’. Yet I still go. Why? It starts the night before when I message our WhatsApp group and say I’ll be there. On the Sunday morning I remember that commitment and push my way out the door. The end result is always the same. At the end of the run I feel awesome. I did something great, I enjoyed being with friends, and I have the buzz of achievement for the rest of the day. But the reason I was there was that small commitment the night before.

If you are designing an app beside your normal day job then you need support and you need accountability to get your app done.

My inner circle is for people who want to make consistent forward progress. Who realise that they are in a marathon, not a sprint. I can help you in a range of ways and ultimately save you time and money, but the main benefits come from maintaining your motivation, your sense of direction and that consistent forward progress.

I help you overcome obstacles

You might be wondering ‘How do I find the people to talk to and get them to agree to it?’, ‘How do I design if I’m not a designer?’ and a world of other ‘How do I?’ questions. I have an arsenal of tactics to help you at every stage of the way. I’ll show you how the pros handle the same issues, and quite often you’ll be amazed at how simple the solutions are.

I give you professional feedback and direction

I’ve been in this game for years: as a developer, as a product designer, as a founder. I have the knowledge and the experience to give you valuable high-level feedback. What’s working, what probably won’t, the options you have, and how you can make something special for your users. Take my years of experience in the start-up world and my professional standards and have them applied to your work.

I keep you accountable

We are going to be having two meetings a week. One just with me focussed on your project, the other a group meeting with the rest of the inner circle. That second one is the special sauce. That is where the community comes in, that is where you feel the accountability. You’ll be saying how your week went and what you’ll be doing next week. You’ll be supported and encouraged as you will support and encourage others.

It’s more than just making an app

I’ve been through start-up accelerators, pitched to investors and made businesses. The app is only one part of the equation. We’ll be doing all the extra things that matter to making your idea a success.

We’ll be learning how to describe your idea in one or two sentences. Sound simple? I’ve never seen a founder able to do it without help.

We’ll be looking at ‘service experience maps’, marketing, pitching, business models and more. All the extra stuff you need to succeed.

I save you time

Don’t flounder around in the dark.

Not being sure of what to do and when to do it wastes your time. It is also the mother of procrastination, of things not progressing, of great ideas abandoned.

I give you clarity and that gives you confidence. Getting you producing great work fast.

Ultimately I save you money

Floundering in the dark costs you money. Building more than you need costs you money. Spending money on developers when you haven’t worked out exactly what to build costs you money. Worst of all, you’ll build the wrong thing if you don’t get to the bottom of the user’s pain points, and then don’t test your idea before building it.

Is it the money that is the big cost there? Or the cost to how you feel about yourself and your ability to make something that matters.

If you do it right, if you get in sync with your users, follow a process, and make steady progress, then you’ll have a massive advantage over everyone else.

Let’s be awesome together

I put groups of founders and innovators together and we go on the journey together. You’ll go far, you’ll be awesome. Join us.

This group costs £80 + VAT (£95), or $110 per month. Join when you are ready to make progress and stay as long as it gives you value.

The first step is to join the waiting list while I put groups together. At this point I ask for a £10 refundable deposit. This reserves your place, and if you change your mind I’ll give it back.

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