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Products and Pricing

I follow the development process I describe in my app development guide. It is aimed at a small team, or even one person, trying to make a new app or web site that solves a human problem. I assume that you are not a developer or a designer, and aren’t making the commitment to become one. The process closely follows the product development process that start-ups use when they go through start-up accelerators.

My goal is to have you clarify your idea and prove an initial design with real users as soon as possible before any large expense. After you have certainty on what you are building and that it is the right product for the right market then you employ freelance designers and developers.

If you buy into this process there are three ways I can help you get your app idea out into the world:

  • Consultant CTO
  • Startup School
  • Training Courses

Consultant CTO

Imagine you could hire a Chief Technology Officer, as a start-up would have, to solve your app or mobile web site issue. To follow the process and manage the project and the suppliers. Making sure that we define something that will succeed, and sign off on that, before committing to the expense of employing programmers.

Startup School

This is for people creating the app for their business or service themselves. It is for the person who wants enough information to succeed but is more focussed on taking action, who wants the support to maintain a consistent level of progress, who wants to be around people going through the same process they are, people who will support you as you support them.

Training Courses

My training courses are in-depth guides to all the steps of my development process, allowing you to do it all yourself. Working from examples from real projects and including swipe files of content that is known to work. These are still in development, but click below to be the first to know as content becomes ready to get early access.