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Ready to make your app?

Building an app is hard. But it’s much easier if you have an award winning app designer at your side to guide you from idea in your head to an app in your hand.

Whether you are starting from scratch or are some way through the process, I can help.

Get your app idea out of your head

Think of me as your own experienced product designer and chief technology officer. I get you to shipping a successful app by providing professional direction, advice and encouragement through a proven process.

Working with me you get better results, more reliably.

I help you define your app

Everyone starts out with the general shape of an idea for an app. That shape needs to take form before you start spending real money. In my app design guide I describe the process to go through. The headlines are:

  1. Research the main actors
  2. Re-assess your idea and design your minimum viable product (MVP)
  3. Make paper prototypes and test them with users

I’ve done all of these numerous times, for massive retailers using the best user testing labs in the country and also for small hospital departments where we just sat in their offices. The basics are the same.

I save you time

Don’t flounder around in the dark.

Not being sure of what to do and when to do it wastes your time. It is also the mother of procrastination, of things not progressing, of great ideas abandoned.

I give you clarity and that gives you confidence. Getting you producing great work fast.

I save you money

If you approach builders with an architect’s plans then you can shop on price and recommendations. The builders are happier too as they know exactly what they have to do. 

You save a fortune on developers when you have detail on your design and you have proved it with your users. I get you into that position. Then you can then shop around on price. You could even use outsourced developers in places like Romania or India that can be fantastic, and cheap, but only if you can tell them exactly what to build and know how to manage them.

I provide accountability

Every Sunday morning I go running with a group of friends. That happens because on the Saturday night I message our WhatsApp group and say I’ll be there. Then when the alarm goes off at ‘oh my god’ o’clock and I think that staying in bed is better and ‘I don’t fancy it right now’ I still go as I said I’d be there. At the end of the run I feel awesome. I did something great, I enjoyed being with friends, and I have the buzz of achievement for the rest of the day. But the reason I was there was that small commitment the night before.

If you are designing an app beside your normal day job then you need accountability to get your app done. We schedule non-negotiable blocks into your calendar to make progress. I use a system of check-ins and gentle but firm nudges. You’ll make progress. It will be awesome.

I help you overcome obstacles

You might be wondering ‘How do I find the people to talk to and get them to agree to it?’, ‘How do I design if I’m not a designer?’ and a world of other ‘How do I?’ questions. I have an arsenal of tactics to help you at every stage of the way. I’ll show you how the pros handle the same issues, and quite often you’ll be amazed at how simple the solutions are.

I give you professional feedback and direction

I’ve been in this game for years: as a developer, as a product designer, as a founder. I have the knowledge and the experience to give you valuable high-level feedback. What’s working, what probably won’t, the options you have, and ultimately how you can make something special for your users. Take my years of experience in the start-up world and my professional standards and have them applied to your work.

How I’m different

I’ve led software teams at investment banks. I’ve made the apps for giant retailers, using the best user experience labs in London. I’ve founded start-ups. I’ve gone through start-up accelerators and pitched to investors. I’ve made health care apps that have won awards for advancing patient safety. Yet my love has never been just one product. It has been helping people go from rough ideas to great solutions. Of helping people achieve what they are capable of.

There are lots of courses and guides out there on the individual parts of getting an app made. Lots on learning to program, or on graphic design, or the latest user interface trend. Trying to put that all together to discover the big picture can feel like trying to solve a puzzle blindfolded. What is rare is a guide for the entire process, aimed at your level, of the steps you need to take, at what time. Even more valuable is being told what you don’t need to know and you don’t need to do, so you don’t waste time and don’t waste money. And all of this for the motivated, intelligent, innovator. Someone who wants to solve a human problem. For people like you.

How we work together

You can be located anywhere in the world as we typically work together with video conferences every two weeks. In between you send me your progress and I’ll put my professional eye over it and offer high-level feedback. Or more detailed feedback if you desire. 

I’ll make sure that you always know where you are in the process and what are the next steps.

You can email me any time.

Taking it up a level

In addition to coaching I can spend full days with you in-person. Maybe you just want to get those paper prototypes done, or want support doing user interviews. I’ll be there doing them with you.

For the right project I can offer the full lifecycle, where I go through and manage this whole process for you. The user interviews get done for you, the prototypes get done and tested for you, the graphic designers and app developers get managed for you. You get a reliably great app at the end. You just need to have the start of a good idea or problem to solve and be involved in reviewing and steering as we go through the process.

Ready to take the next step?

Click below to send an email and set up a phone call. You can tell me about your idea and your goals. We’ll decide together whether we are a good fit.